Survey Uses QR Code to Improve Visitor Experience

Wondering what those bar code-looking squares are that keep popping up on advertisements everywhere? QR Codes (short for Quick Response Codes) have gained popularity recently due to fast readability and greater storage capacity. The information encoded in the square grid can be made up of four standardized types of data that allow marketers to transform the way they reach their audience.

Smart phone users can download a QR Code Reader in the App Store or Android Market. When scanned, the QR Code is converted into a URL, directing the Smart phone’s browser to a website, social media page, store, or product. Since it provides quick and effortless access to a brand’s website, more and more advertisements and marketing communications are incorporating QR Codes into their messaging.

Experience Columbus is now using this technology to improve our city’s offerings for residents and tourists alike. By going to through the QR Code below, consumers are met with a five question survey that helps answer the question: “How is our destination (Columbus) doing in the eyes of the consumer?” There are over 60 questions in the survey however the system delivers only five per encounter, so users are encouraged to return to the survey again and again.

Businesses and citizens across Greater Columbus are working together to make your experience the best it can be. Our citizens and visitors have the power to shape our city through this useful tool. By taking the one minute survey, you will help Columbus continue to grow into the wonderful destination it is meant to be!

Visit and take the survey now!

Be on the lookout for QR Codes around the city! Download a QR Code Reader to your smart phone, scan the code and take the survey. Take the survey over and over to answer new questions each time!

Beat the Winter Time Blues

It’s February and the holiday season may now seem like a distant memory. While your stocking might not be hanging by the chimney with care, during these cold winter months in central Ohio, maybe use a little “holiday spirit”… So while the lights no longer twinkle along the Scioto Mile, you can still enjoy the Grand Illumination from the comfort of your own home. Relive the magic by watching the Grand Illumination Ceremony online!