The Fountain Fun Has Begun!

Happy Spring! The sun is shining and the Scioto Mile Fountain is up and running! Located in the heart of Bicentennial Park, the fountain provides an interactive area for aquatic play as well as a serene setting for the community to enjoy during those warm summer months. It attracts the young and playful during the FountainSide series and provides a breath-taking backdrop with unique lighting and fog effects for a Friday night at Rhythm on the River. If you have been to the Scioto Mile, you know just what an architectural marvel this is. Now that the fountain has awoken from its seasonal slumber, here are a few fun facts:

  • 15,000 square feet
  • 200 feet long
  • Holds 110,000 gallons of water in an underground reservoir
  • Shoots jets of water 75 feet into the air from its circular center blossom
  • Features five stainless-steel halo structures with 1,100 fog nozzles
  • 1,079 ground-level spray nozzles make up 24 hedgerows
  • Contains halos, a blossom, and a smile!

With bubbles, jets, sprinkles, mists and fogs, the fountain is designed to complement fun in the sun or a relaxing evening in the park. Offering something for all ages, it is a summer staple in downtown Columbus. Whether you bring your children to FountainSide, spend a night out with family and friends, enjoy dinner on the patio at Milestone 229, or go for a run along the mile, we hope to see you at the fountain soon!