THIS FRIDAY (8/1) ǀ MojoFlo


Prepare yourself for a trip to Detroit’s Motown Soul, but in Columbus’s own backyard with MojoFlo! This locally formed but nationally acclaimed act, proves time and time again that the heart of funk and soul can still live on today—blending horns with multiple layers of vocals and synths. Meeting like so many bands do in college, MojoFlo formed while all attending Columbus’s Capital University; however, they have still been kept alive strong today while traveling the country and headlining so many of Columbus’s biggest events.

What is different about MojoFlo from other bands is that they sell themselves on how different they are from your typical group. Categorizing their sound into genres of soul, hip-hop, jazz and funk, lead singer Amber Knicole explains that a MojoFlo show is like “shuffle on the world’s greatest iPod”. With something special in store for every listener’s preferences, the group has played everything from dinners and cook-outs to headlining for thousands of enthusiastic and high energy listeners.

If you love old-school soul music, this is a show that you will not want to miss! Rhythm on the River is proud to welcome home one of Columbus’s most premiere bands for a night of music, dancing, food and beverages. Food and beverage sales will begin at 6:30pm and MojoFlo will get the audience grooving when they take the stage at 7:30pm in Bicentennial Park!

Be sure to check out their official music video for their original song, “M.M.I.A.”, which showcases some of Columbus’s best sights and sounds—including Bicentennial Park!

6:30 p.m. – Food and beverage sales begin
7:30 p.m. – Live Music Begins