THIS FRIDAY (8/14) | Maceo Parker


Maceo Parker is a name that requires very little explanation—known as one of the greatest jazz and funk saxophonists to ever live. Falling into a category like he does, it is vastly known that Maceo has collaborated with the top artists in funk including James Brown, George Clinton and even Prince. Parker is a living connection to the sounds of funk in its hay-day, still unraveling audiences as they dance to the sounds of his infectious saxophone playing.

Spending the first half of his career as a sideman to funk greats, Maceo went unknown for a long time—other than to those who were extremely into funk and its community. However, the last two decades have brought Parker a prospering solo career, as he combines the funk of the 60s and 70s with modern sounds of today’s hits. Maceo Parker eats, sleeps and breaths funk music—leaving many unsure what came first, Maceo or the funk itself. His early performances, although not the front man, shaped the sounds and revolutionized funk with men like James Brown. Over his long and extremely successful career, Parker has also been seen collaborating with artists like Ray Charles, James Taylor, Dave Matthews Band, and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Since his beginning as an artist, Maceo has been featured on over 100 albums of both his own and other’s music.

The evening will begin with The HooDoo Soul Band, which features the talents of eleven of the Midwest’s most dynamic and critically acclaimed musicians. The HooDoo Soul Band has been performing high energy funk, rhythm & blues for nearly 20 years, known for putting their own twist on the standards and introducing audiences to unfamiliar funky gems with style. They have opened for James Brown and Ray Charles among others—bridging a connection to Maceo for an evening commemorating the world of funk.

6:30 p.m. – Food and beverage sales begin
7:30 p.m. – The HooDoo Soul Band followed by Maceo Parker

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