About the Promenade

This grand boulevard stretches along the east bank of the Scioto River, connecting Battelle Riverfront Park and Bicentennial Park and intersecting with the Broad Street and Town Street Bridges. The Promenade, built upon the site of the Avenue of Flags, features a stone colonnade with shaded swings along with traditional park benches, beautiful gardens, and tables designed for games of cards or chess. Lined with trees and seasonal flowers, the stone-paved pedestrian walk provides a canopy of shade during hot summer days. The historic carved limestone balustrade, a Beaux-Arts architectural style originally built as part of the 1920s floodwall project, was fully restored to its original condition.

About the Prow

Technically part of the former Town Street Bridge, the Town Street Prow is very much like the prow on a ship. It is an overlook that creates a focal point along the Promenade. The 90-year-old Town Street Bridge spanned the Scioto River until closing in July 2008. In order to preserve this historic Columbus landmark, the Town Street Prow was incorporated along the Scioto Mile at the site of the former eastern entrance to the Town Street Bridge. The Prow now serves as the terminus to Town Street’s green gateway to the Scioto Mile, accented by gardens, decorative lighting and stone benches.

The Promenade Fountain on Huntington Plaza

The Huntington Plaza Fountain, located in the center of the Promenade, features seasonal flowers in attractive planters and 44 unique bronze fish spouting streams of water. The simplicity and the richness of the materials used in the design, including its marble base, give this fountain a civic characteristic appropriate to the Ohio Judicial Center across the street.