The Scioto Greenways Project: Transforming Downtown Columbus

Aerial Photo of Construction from July 2014

Currently, the river along the Scioto Mile remains a slow-moving, wide pool of sediment-laden water due to presence of low head dams.  Dam removal and river restoration projects have been shown to increase property values, encourage investment, and create vibrant communities across the nation.  Thus, the Scioto Greenways project was formed.

Scioto Greenways is now underway and involves three primary components: the removal of the Main Street Dam, restoring the Scioto River channel, and creating 33 acres of new green space throughout Downtown Columbus.

In late 2013, the Main Street Dam was removed.  Dam removal has restored natural flow of the river, helping to improve ecological systems and river habitat.  Restoration of the Scioto River channel is currently underway and will provide new recreation options and lead to the final component, which is creating 33 acres of green space.  The pulsating new space will provide an opportunity to further leverage existing investments in the area.

Thanks to the Scioto Greenways project, 1.5 miles of bike paths and pedestrian connectors will be added to Downtown Columbus.  These paths, in turn, provide a key element connecting the Ohio River to Lake Erie.  The project will support as many as 350 new jobs in the region and allow the public to interact with the river in its natural state.  A healthy river that enables recreation and improves connectivity, will allow Columbus to thrive and ensure maximum economic, ecological and social benefits.

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