Scioto Greenways to Transform Downtown Columbus

Two years from now, a narrower, more beautiful Scioto River will wind through the city with plush green space lining both sides of the river. The river’s flow will return to its natural state, therefore improving ecological systems and river habitat. Until then, a messy, muddy, machinery-ridden scene fills this space. This undertaking, the Scioto Greenways Project, is going to be worth the mess – we promise!

Here are a few facts about the project…

  • The construction project is managed by the Columbus Downtown Development Corporation (CDDC), a nonprofit focusing on positive change in the downtown area
  • The project is estimated to cost $35.5 million. It is being funded by variety of public and private partners – see the complete list here
  • It takes place on along the Scioto Mile, Genoa Park, Dodge Park and the Scioto Audubon
  • While creating a link to the regional 60 mile trail network, this new development will offer Columbus residents with 1.5 of trails downtown for running, biking, walking and playing
  • By removing the Main Street Dam, the Scioto River is able to return to its natural course while allowing room for 33 acres of extra green space
  • CDDC says the project is on schedule to be completed for Fall 2015
  • Removal of the Main Street Dam is already complete
  • The depth of the Scioto River will vary between four feet and 18 feet deep throughout, once the project is complete
  • Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, Ohio Department of Natural Resources and volunteers worked to safely relocated 4000+ fresh water mussels to healthy waters
  • Access points for construction crews have been created at the intersection of Town Street and Civic Center Drive

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