CBUS Soul Fest Stage Backdrop Artwork

Plaza Stage Artwork

No Place Like Home!

As a ball of colorful yarn unravels, we spread our wings and find our way taking in and absorbing the fragments of our city’s life all around us. Enjoying time together in public spaces as community celebrations call us home.

Artist Bio

Richard Duarte Brown
Mixed Media Narrative Painter and Educator

Richard Duarte Brown, known as Duarte, is a master Artist with Transit Arts dedicating his talents to helping young people in Columbus through countless programs including CAPACITY (CAPA’s Youth Arts Program), the Short Stop Youth Center, the King Arts Complex, Ohio Alliance for Arts Education (and formerly GCAC’s) Artists-in-Schools program, GCAC’s Children of the Future, Ebony Boys, Art Safe and VSA Ohio.  Duarte has the special gift of engaging people from all backgrounds and bringing them together through his creative spirit.  Duarte was awarded the Aminah Brenda Lynn Roninson Fellowship in 2022. Duarte was also honored with the Governor’s award in the field of art education for the state of Ohio in Art Education.


Main Stage Artwork

Winter Jazz in Summer

This woman is the embodiment of the cool, comforting and slow feeling of jazz during certain seasons.

Artist Bio

April Sunami

April Sunami is an award-winning multi-media painter, installation artist, muralist and arts educator. Her work is featured in private and public collections throughout the nation and has been exhibited internationally.


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If you have questions about CBUS Soul Fest, please contact communityevents@columbus.gov.