Scioto Greenways Project

The Scioto Riverfront in Downtown Columbus has been transformed as a result of hundreds of millions of dollars in public and private developments in the RiverSouth area. But while substantial public and private investments along the Scioto River have created world-class amenities, the river remains a slow-moving, overly wide pool of sediment-laden water due to the presence of low head dams.

The Scioto Greenways project involves removing the low head dam at Main Street, conducting substantial river restoration to the downtown portion of the Scioto River, and constructing 33-acres of new green space along its banks. The park space will better connect downtown to the Scioto Peninsula and East Franklinton, build on the recent park investments, create links to the existing regional bikeway system, and serve as a catalyst for further private investment in Downtown.

Across the country, dam removal and river restoration projects have been shown to increase property values, encourage investment, and create vibrant communities. A healthy river that enables recreation and improves connectivity will allow Columbus to thrive and ensure maximum economic, ecological, and social benefits.

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