Stretching along the downtown Columbus riverfront from the vibrant Arena District on the north end to the natural beauty of the Whittier Peninsula on the south, the Scioto Mile is comprised of more than 145 acres of lush parkland, fountains, scenic overlooks and a riverfront promenade.

Scioto Mile Amenities

The Heart of Downtown Columbus

Part of the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department, the Scioto Mile plays an essential role in the revitalization of downtown by offering a vibrant place for people to gather.

Downtown Columbus is the heart of Central Ohio, and the core of our Capital City. It is the business, cultural, arts and government center of central Ohio. It is the place where our community comes together to work, enrich our minds, exercise our bodies, relax and play. When downtown is strong and vibrant, we all are proud to call it our home.

Scioto Riverfront History

Historical information on the Scioto Riverfront was compiled as part of the Scioto Greenways project. Read about how the riverfront has been part of the city since its 1816 founding, and see how it has changed over the years as the city itself has changed.

Development of the Mile

The Scioto Mile was built through a major, $40 million-plus public-private partnership. The City of Columbus is enormously grateful to the many partners and contributors who helped us create this incredible gem, and those people and organizations are recognized for their support here.

Scioto Greenways Project

The immense Scioto Greenways Project has resulted in 33 new acres of parkland, as well as a mile and a half of multi-use trails, to connect the network of parks in the Scioto Mile. It has also allowed easy access to the river, including three launch points for canoes, kayaks and other hand-powered watercraft.


Some of our most common questions about the Scioto Mile are compiled here. The FAQ is also home to the rules at our Scioto Mile parks, as well as trails and the Scioto Mile Fountain.

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