The Promenade

The Promenade stretches along the east bank of the Scioto River, connecting Battelle Riverfront Park and Bicentennial Park along Civic Center Drive. Built upon the former site of the Avenue of Flags, the Promenade features a stone colonnade with shaded swings, park benches, beautiful gardens and tables designed for card games, chess and similar games. The historic carved limestone balustrade, originally built as part of the 1920s floodwall project, has been fully restored to its original condition.


  • 13.496 Acres
  • Coleman’s Pointe: Named in honor of Michael B. Coleman, Columbus’s longest-serving mayor, Coleman’s Pointe extends outward from the Huntington Plaza. This scenic overlook offers stunning views of the downtown riverfront and is the best vantage point for the Genoa Park Lighting across the river.
  • Huntington Plaza: Located in the center of the Promenade across from the Thomas J. Moyer Ohio Judicial Center, Huntington Plaza offers unparalleled aesthetics, featuring seasonal flowers and three infinity-style fountains with 44 beautifully sculpted, bronze fish spouting streams of water.
  • Lower River Walk: Along the water’s edge below Coleman’s Pointe, the Lower River Walk offers panoramic views of the Scioto Mile and downtown skyline. The expansive walkway can host a variety of activities – from jogging and cycling to a casual stroll. Built-in stone seating provides the perfect location to sit back and relax while enjoying the revitalized riverfront.
  • The Prow: Accented by a grove of birch trees, unique lantern lighting and stone benches, the Prow is a scenic riverfront overlook built on the east point of the former Town Street Bridge (1917-2009). The Prow, which gets its name from the nautical term for the forward-most part of a ship’s bow, was included in the Promenade project as part of an effort to incorporate historical elements.

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