Columbus' Downtown Destination

Columbus’ Downtown Destination

Located in the heart of downtown Columbus, the Scioto Mile is an urban oasis comprised of more than 175 acres of lush parkland. Stretching along the waterfront from the vibrant Arena District to the natural beauty of the Whittier Peninsula, our riverfront parks connect downtown to the Scioto River through an integrated system of parks, boulevards, bikeways and pedestrian paths.

What’s On The Mile?


Fostering some of the City’s most celebrated features, the Scioto Mile has something for everyone, including a stunning 15,000-square-foot interactive fountain, spectacular events like the Jazz & Rib Fest and Rhythm on the River Music Festival, and miles and miles of beautifully maintained trails. City parks, greenways, special events, downtown skyline views and scenic atmosphere make the Scioto Mile a true highlight for Central Ohio and beyond. Explore all events happening on the Scioto Mile.


You and your family can get around the Mile and surrounding area by walking or cycling—either with your own bike or with one from our CoGo Bike Share. Bring the kids to splash in the fountain, stop by the Priscilla R. Tyson Cultural Arts Center to tour the galleries or make some art of your own or grab a meal or a couple of drinks at the widely-renowned Milestone 229 restaurant. The opportunities for enjoyment are nearly limitless. Explore all features on the Scioto Mile.


The Scioto Mile features an impressive line-up of municipal parks and urban green spaces. The nine parks along the Scioto Mile offer something for everyone – memorials, public art, performance pavilions, recreation opportunities, fountains, swinging benches, bird watching and even a climbing wall. Enjoying fantastic views is only the tip of the iceberg. Explore the parks on the Scioto Mile.