Columbus’ Downtown Destination

Located in the heart of downtown Columbus, the Scioto Mile is an urban oasis comprised of more than 145 acres of lush parkland. Stretching along the riverfront from the vibrant Arena District to the natural beauty of the Whittier Peninsula, the Scioto Mile reconnects downtown to the Scioto River through an integrated system of parks, boulevards, bikeways and pedestrian paths.

Fostering some of our City’s most celebrated features—a stunning 15,000 square-foot interactive fountain, the country’s largest free outdoor climbing wall, and the world’s most authentic replica of the Santa Maria—the Scioto Mile has something for everyone.

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THIS FRIDAY (8/1) ǀ MojoFlo

Prepare yourself for a trip to Detroit’s Motown Soul, but in Columbus’s own backyard with MojoFlo! This locally formed but nationally acclaimed act, proves time and time again that the heart of funk and soul can still live on today—blending horns with multiple layers of vocals and synths. Meeting like so many bands do …

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