Whether you’re looking for education, entertainment, or dining, the Scioto Mile has what you need for a fun-filled day in Downtown Columbus:

Scioto Mile Fountain

A stunning architectural fountain located in Bicentennial Park features a multitude of interactive elements including water cascades, spouting hedgerows, jets, rain, unique lighting and fog effects.

Milestone 229 

Experience exquisite cuisine and atmosphere at Milestone 229, a spectacular restaurant overlooking the riverfront and Bicentennial Park.

Cultural Arts Center 

A destination for culture, arts, and history, educating individuals on the importance of creativity and diversity.

Scioto Greenway Recreational Trails 

Excellent for adventurers, the Scioto Greenway Recreational Trails include four segments of paved trail totaling 7.5 miles around the city.

CoGo Bike Share

With a network of 365 bicycles and 46 stations located throughout downtown Columbus, the CoGo Bike Share program provides the public with a healthy, fun and environment-friendly mode of transportation.